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100% Probiotic Whey Protein Gut Performance

100% uptime , better performance , absoption and utilization of whey protein!

Why BioSport?

Immunity & Health in Sports

To train, exercise or be good in any sport, it is important to maintain optimal immune system function. This allows training consistency and maximum performance gains. Strenuous exercises are well known to suppress the immune system that ultimately leads to

  • Reduced performance during competition
  • Missed events due to illnesses
  • Slower recovery from exercise or illness
  • Reduced training intensity and/or frequency.

Role of Probiotics in Sports

Immune & Gut Health: Probiotics have been shown to be beneficial when supplemented with athletes. According to one study, there was a significant reduction in the number of days of respiratory illness symptoms in athletes receiving probiotics supplement. In a different study, there was significant reduction in URTI (Respiratory Infections) and probiotics use reduced the days with gastrointestinal symptoms. Use of probiotics beneficially influences nutrient absorption and availability to the body. Probiotics have been shown to optimize mineral absorption through changes in pH levels, synthesis of various vitamins and impact to carbohydrate digestion through production of digestive enzymes. Probiotics aid in production of enzymes that have been shown to aid the breakdown of proteins and a wide variety of carbohydrates.

Gut Performance!

BioSport™ is the first global 100% Probiotic Whey Protein to include high dosages of Probiotics (10 billion CFU of 10 Strains) for combined sports performance, immune and gut health.

Who benefits from BioSport?

Improved Gut Health

 Increase Protein and Carbohydrate absorption in the intestines and subsequent utilization in the body. Athletes and anyone who is exercising requires high amounts of nutrients for muscle repair, building and strength;

  • In addition, they can markedly reduce the level of nausea, intestinal inflammation, bloating, hypersensitivity to food etc. which are common complaints for most athletes during & after training.
Improved Immune Health

As already highlighted probiotics are central in maintaining and optimizing your immune system. They have been shown to improve the levels of interferon (natural virus fighter), which is naturally decreased during exercise and fatigue.

Increase antioxidant absorption

Free radicals are abundant during & after training. It is important that athletes have adequate levels of anti-oxidants during the recovery period and indeed throughout the day. Probiotics have been shown to increase anti-oxidant absorption and thus elevate additional antioxidants levels.