100% Probiotic Whey Protein

Gut Performance

100% uptime, better performance, absorption and utilization of whey protein!

Missing your training schedule?

Lowered immune system from training, increases frequency of illnesses, severity and time duration to recovery.

Missing your training schedule?

Time out from training

Increased frequency of illness

Compounded severity of illness

Longer time duration to recovery

Bad Bacteria in the gut…

The bad guys!

Everyday, it’s war. Big battles, small fights and innumerable scuffles to keep bad bacteria away. Once in a while they win and our gut flora is depleted leading to lowered immune system. Absorption of food, proteins and nutrients is reduced, further compounding the struggle. 

You end up with lower than 100% uptime, poor performance and inability to reach your goals.


Reduced Performance

Interruption of training schedule due to days out

Missed Events & Competitions

Constant ailments reduce your training consistency

Frustration of not Winning

Inability to reach peak potential & reaching your goals

Reduced Confidence

Self-doubt of personal ability and aptitude

We care about your performance…

and pack a load of proteins too!


Patented Velobiotics Technology

Delivers 1000x More Probiotics to Your Gut!

Instant Whey, High in BCAAs

100% Instant Whey Protein for ease of absorption and utilization

High in Protein

25g Per Serving for muscle building and repair


10 Probiotic Strains, 10 Billion CFU

Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Streptococcus

High in Vit C & Zinc

For support and improved performance of immune system

2g of Prebiotic Inulin

Stimulates the growth of beneficial gut flora

1st 100% Probiotic Whey Protein!

For 100% Uptime

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Improved Gut Health

Better Protein Absorption & Utilization

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Immune Health Support

100% Uptime, More Time Training

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Quicker, Faster Recovery

Improved consistency in training 

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Confidence and ability

Better performance, reach goals

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Gut Performance!

100% Uptime!

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